I'm happy you're here.  

I'm here because I want to help people, and I believe that my personal experience is the most powerful tool at hand in this endeavour; I can only hope that sharing it will provide you with knowledge, perspective, or peace in knowing that you are not alone. 

I built this website in 2014 when I was just beginning  post-secondary education and studying under Mavrixx founder Brent Seal in his LEAP Academy Speaker Program pilot. At the time, I found blogging to be an effective method for sharing instalments of my story but often fell into aversive states of self judgement for not meeting my own expectations. Eventually, I decided that this site required too much upkeep and let the domain expire. 

Since then, amidst all the turmoil and struggle and growth and learning, I have cultivated enough of a vision for what I'd like to share that I can now put fingers to keys. In an effort to avoid the self-perceived pressure that lead to my last discontinuation, the theme of this blog is Doing What I Can, When I Can. This means that I will not follow a posting schedule or maintain a standard for my posts. What I will do, is share my honest experiences and the lessons they have provided.

Beyond this, I can only offer my sincere affirmation of what you have always known, but neglected to accept: you matter. Everything you've ever needed and will ever need is already inside you and you know how to access it. Tune in. Seek guidance. Trust your Self.

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Rylee McKinlay

Student (of Life)


Yoga instructor

T: 250 462 2045  E: ryleeamckinlay@gmail.com