Funny Story...

CLASSIC Rylee failing to post the day after she promises to post everyday for the following month. Don't worry, I'm not being mean to myself... I have made peace with this situation. The past couple of days have presented me with some unexpected challenges and important lessons. I would very much like to share those with you, however, I have an assignment due tomorrow that needs some final touches. 

I will share the details of my somewhat humorous experiences in tomorrow's post.

Spoiler: Late night restaurant work, early morning running race, poor attention to schedules and directions.

Yogi tea tag quote: "Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy." 

Compassion for the self must come first. I put this into practice multiple times in order to survive this weekend. I don't love myself... yet. It is a major goal of mine; one that I set when I was 13. I know that one day I will fully love myself... I'm just not there yet. For now, I forgive myself for my mistakes, and take pride in my successes. For now, that is enough.

Forgive yourself.