Life update

Noooooo I missed posting yesterday :(

I'm actually kind of mad at myself... but I'm trying to get over it.

TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF CLASSES!!! To celebrate, I came home and napped for four hours, and then gave myself permission to not workout (my legs are super sore from over-doing it yesterday). I went for a long walk and got some fresh air, and, honestly, that was enough. I don't even feel guilty about skipping my planned workout (yet...). Exams start this upcoming Saturday and then after a hellish week of procrastination-cram cycling, it will all be over!!!

For the next three weeks, my boyfriend and I are house sitting for his parents while they are on vacation which is awesome because they have a cat! I love her and she is so cute but I miss my bunnies. I'll have to visit them tomorrow.

This month, my boyfriend and I have declared ourselves sober, which is kind of funny because it is not as though we were abusing substances prior to the beginning of April... we just wanted a "cleanse" type of month. We did "Sober June" last year to kick off a summer of working in the service industry and participation in all of the activities that go along with the job. This year, we plan to stay away from alcohol for the entire summer. I am actually really looking forward to it, as I have had some troubles in the past with not knowing my limit and then definitely not staying within it. I also want to pursue health more holistically this summer, which includes keeping a more regular sleep schedule and following a routine. 

Thank you for reading,

Sorry for the lack of inspiration, insight or advice... Maybe tomorrow ;)


Love love,