Life force


I used to have trouble putting into words the forces that drive me; the subjects areas of life where I want to spend my time experiencing and contributing to improvement. It felt like there were so many big ideas and thoughts set about in the world that invoked a fire in me; too many separate ideas that I wanted to explore and develop.

Recently, I realized that these seemingly numerous passions could be neatly condensed into two specific ideals: us… and everything else. This sounds extremely broad, but just listen for a sec.

Think of it as a pyramid; similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The base, is us. Our bodies, our minds, our fellow beings. Taking care of ourselves and one another in order to prosper as thriving lifeforms. The next level of the pyramid is our home. The earth. Maintaining our literal life supporter. Okay, I don’t want this to turn into a vegan rant because people hate that s***. I am just demonstrating how passionate I am about these subjects ;) 

In truly adopting these ideas, I have been able to not only live a better life, but I have had more opportunity to improve the lives of others. By fulfilling these two basic needs, I really believe that I am more at peace. I’m not saying that we need to make our primary and ONLY concerns our health and the environment... Just our base initiatives. Because once you not only fulfill these needs but incorporate the actions of fulfilling them into your life, you become more capable of living.

You can continue building your pyramid. And the pyramid may be beautiful and legendary. It may remain a piece of history forever because you lived to your potential. It may be many stories tall and include a variety of genres, but the base will be you, and our home. We and our homes don’t need to take up an abundant amount of time and space. They may at first, but eventually, they will become condensed from the pressure of your stories and expert practise. 

The two genres of our base are not in any way giving name to a limited number of mini-ideas. But the mini-ideas are simple.

  • We care for our physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental health.
  • We take care of each other’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. And then for our home. Which is the planet earth.
  • This is the basis of my philosophy of life. The mental health sector is gathering the majority of my attention because I believe it is the system that is lacking a major platform in society, and can be improved astoundingly through awareness and adoption of educated practises. 

Small changes really make a big difference. These two major ideas are the most control we have today. By making conscious, educated decisions and carrying out aware actions, we can move mountains in improving our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our home. I'm not saying we have to go to any extremes. But we do need to move away from the extremes that hinder our health and wear out our home.

So take care of yourself. Take care of others. And take care of the earth. 

I’m not trying to push my ideals on anybody… By sharing my philosophy, I hope that I can not only build connections with you, my wonderful readers, but maybe inspire something in you as well.

I apologize for the lack of mental health related content. I'm working on a visual (the pyramid) to accompany this post, and then I can continue to build on it in later posts. Once this is established, I can get into the intricacies of the upper levels of my pyramid :) 


Thank you for reading, beautifuls. 


Take care this weekend,