Cats and Bum-guns

I’d have to say my favourite things about Thailand (so far) are as follows:

  • Sun. I love the sun. It boosts my mood, browns my skin and warms my soul. Penticton (home) is just beginning to enter “grey season”, when the clouds roll in and prevent rays from reaching the town for the better part of winter. I would be using my sun lamp everyday if I weren’t here to prevent the inevitable annual onset of SADS (seasonal affective depression syndrome). I will begin using it upon my return as it is unbelievably beneficial to my mental health. I highly recommend purchasing one if you live in a place that experiences sun-devoid winters (Amazon, eBay or local pharmacies are good sources).
  • Swimming. In the ocean, rooftop pools or waterfall springs, swimming is both fun and relaxing. It can serve as a workout too if I’m feeling like doing some laps.
  • Food. This is weird because I have an aversion to ever acknowledging that I enjoy food and get uncomfortable talking about what I eat (especially if it’s “unhealthy), and because most people rave about the exotic Thai dishes that feature seafood, egg, or meat. Following a vegan diet is surprisingly easy and satisfying here. My favourite things to eat are pad thai with tofu and no egg, stir-fried veggies with tofu and rice or thai (thick) noodles, or green curry with tofu and rice. I keep thinking that I’m going to get sick of these foods, but I look forward to eating them everyday. The serving sizes are usually perfect, if not a little big, and I feel like I’m getting sufficient macro and micro nutrients. I might be a bit shy in the iron department so I’m looking to purchase some supplements in Chang Mai (next/final destination).
  • Cats. And dogs. There are strays and pets (with collars) everywhere, and although I was warned profusely about the packs of rabid animals roaming the streets in Thailand, I have yet to encounter one aggressive and/or foamy-jowled creature. Brooke and I widen our travelling companion’s eyes every time we stop to pet them. How can you not? We’re cautious (approach slowly and let them sniff our hands, avoiding any that don’t look friendly) and most of them look like they could benefit from a little bit of love. Yesterday we played with tiny kittens in a shop and it was magical.
  • Bum-guns. To avoid plugging the less-than-mediocre plumbing systems, Thai bathrooms are all equipped with a spray nozzle at the end of a hose which hangs beside the toilet. Instead of using copious amount of TP after a big pad thai/mango shake poop, you simply remove the bum-gun from it’s holder, aim, and spray away. Afterwards, a small piece of TP can be used to dry, then is disposed of in the trash. No smell, less waste, more hygienic… I will be installing bum-guns in my home immediately upon it’s purchase/construction, and I am adamant that the rest of Canada should adopt this bathroom custom. 

Today we ferried from Koh Phi Phi (island) to Krabi (mainland) then flew to Chang Mai (north). Looking to do some elephant sanctuary visiting and jungle trekking in the near future.


Lots of love,