Hellooooo everybody.

I am currently sitting in a little hostel room at 2:00am Bangkok time. My travel buddy, Brooke McLaughlin (blog:, and I embarked on this journey on Halloween when we flew from Kelowna to Vancouver. After spending the night, we took China Eastern Airlines to Shanghai and then transferred to another CEA flight to Bangkok. We don't have much of a plan, other than knowing that we want to spend lots of time on the beaches. We have a few ideas for tours etc. but other than that, we are wingin' it. This is by far the most adventurous thing I have ever done. 

The following month of blog posts will be an amalgamation of travel and some good ol' mental health insights, tips, confessions etc.

Brooke also happens to be a stupendously talented photographer, so we have decided to collaborate in posting pictures and guest posts as we navigate through this growth stimulating independence exercise/holiday.

I hope you are all doing well.

Love and light,